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Membership is available to all Republican County Officials, elected or appointed, (appointed referring to county leadership Officials rather than deputies, associates, etc., who may become Associate Members), based on payment of annual dues, set from time to time by a vote of the NCRCO membership, as may be recommended by the NCRCO Board of Directors, to be paid annually on a calendar year basis, without proration. Such dues entitle the member to a NCRCO membership card, lapel pin, Newsletter subscription, and voting rights at all official NCRCO membership meetings. Funds collected from said dues shall be used to further the goals of the National Conference of Republican County Officials.

Associate Memberships may be obtained in NCRCO by chief deputies, spouses, or other Republican individuals, former Republican County Officials, or corporate donors who are not current elected or appointed Republican County Officials. Such Associate Members shall be given the same rights of membership, except the right to hold NCRCO office or vote.

“Life Membership” shall be bestowed upon each NCRCO Past President, with full General Meeting voting rights. From time to time, the NCRCO Board of Directors may also bestow “Life Membership” on other Republicans for their actions to further the goals and objectives of NCRCO and the Republican Party. A list of “Life Membership” awards shall be maintained historically, year to year, by each succeeding NCRCO Secretary.


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