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There shall be at least seven (7) standing Committees of NCRCO, including the Audit Committee, Budget and Finance Committee, Hospitality Committee, Issues Committee, Membership Committee, Newsletter Committee, and Nominating Committee. Other Committees may be appointed by the President as required. Chairs of all Committees shall be currently elected or appointed Republican County Officials and shall be appointed by the President, except as otherwise set forth in these By Laws. Membership on all Committees shall be by appointment of the President.

AUDIT COMMITTEE: The Audit Committee shall be charged with auditing the Treasurerís books and making a report of findings during the NCRCO Annual Business Meeting. The Committee shall consist of at least four (4) NCRCO members, other than current NCRCO Officers and Regional Directors, one of whom shall be an active NCRCO Past President.

: The NCRCO Treasurer shall be the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee. The Budget and Finance Committee shall be responsible for developing the Annual NCRCO Budget in conjunction with the President, presenting it to the NCRCO Board of Directors and membership for approval, and for securing sponsorship funding support for the organization.

HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE: The Hospitality Committee shall be responsible for working with the President to oversee, plan and implement all NCRCO Receptions and Hospitality events, consistent with Budgetary limits.

ISSUES COMMITTEE: The Issues Committee shall be responsible for formulating ideas and proposals for endorsement by the Board of Directors and membership, and bringing forth appropriate Resolutions and positions for official action by the organization.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: The Membership Committee shall assist the Treasurer with maintenance of current NCRCO membership recordsCoordinating with the RNC, NACo, State Republican Parties, and the NCRCO Regional Directors, the Committee shall solicit new memberships for the organization from all of the Republican County Officials throughout the United States, compile a current NCRCO membership prospectus, and distribute same to prospective new members.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE: The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for the production and distribution of the official NCRCO Newsletter GOP COUNTY COURIER, which shall be sent to all NCRCO members, Officers of NACo, and other interested parties as may be determined beneficial to NCRCO.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) members to be appointed by the President, which shall include the Immediate Past President as Chair, the current President, one (1) additional active Past President, one (1) current Regional Director, and one (1) NCRCO member-at-large, who shall neither be a Past President, current Officer or Regional Director. The Committee shall select a slate of Officers and Regional Directors nominees for the forthcoming year which shall be communicated to the NCRCO membership at least 30 days in advance of the NCRCO Annual Business Meeting and presented to the membership for vote at said meeting in accordance with these By Laws and Robertís Rules of Order.


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