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2014…A Year for Growth and Influence

The year 2013 brought some challenges to NCRCO, not unlike challenges people and businesses face every day. The annual meeting in Fort Worth, Texas was a positive step toward the future for our team. We elected officers for the year and added some new faces on our Board. We heard a challenging message from Texas Congressman Joe Barton during our Reception on what lies ahead for the GOP.

That was then and this now. We made some good strides, but now we need to continue the momentum. My goal as your President is to make our meetings more than just a networking opportunity. I want us to look for issues at the federal level which are important to NACo, but also review the kinds of issues that allow NCRCO to provide constructive problem solving leadership. I want us to bring in speakers that challenge us in our service to our county and our nation.

I'm asking you to support me and our Board in achieving the following goals:

1. We will use the bulk of each business meeting to highlight one or two issues that are important to NACo and are the kind of issue on which we can and should provide leadership direction. In order to get the most value out of the business meetings, each issue should be vetted well in advance of the meeting by our Board of Directors and those chosen, then made available to all NCRCO members. On January 15th our Board had a conference call and discussed several possibilities. We settled on an important issue that the EPA is trying to sneak in the "regulation door" regarding the Clean Water Act. For those that remember the floor victory at a NACo Annual Meeting a few years ago regarding the "Navigable Water" language, this is another covert attempt on this issue. Our Treasurer, Commissioner Joe Briggs, along with Board members Judge Gary Moore band Commissioner Bill Doherty, comprise our NCRCO Issues Committee. Joe Briggs is providing more detail on this important matter in another article in this January's newsletter. You can read the article and come prepared to discuss it in detail at the NCRCO business meeting in Washington, DC. If we don't take on substantive issues, I'm not sure we have a viable reason to continue to exist.

2. We are seeking to bring speakers to our NCRCO Receptions that challenge us and encourage us in our work as county leaders across this wonderful nation. Congressman
Joe Barton was an excellent beginning. Your NCRCO leadership are working with me to aggressively bring in inspiring and influential leaders of the GOP from across the United States to address us. We are likely not to agree with every speaker on every issue. But it can't simply be about agreement. I believe we need to be challenged to know and understand what we believe and why. Sometimes we are guilty of believing or accepting a position because it's the "official party position." Let me suggest that is not a good reason. Let's be willing to dig in and understand the issues and principles involved and then work to solve whatever the challenge may be. We are committed to bring in speakers that challenge us to do just that.

If we do these two things well in 2014 my third goal will take care of itself. I want to see our membership and event attendance grow to between 140 and 190 by our Summer meeting in New Orleans.

If we are going to be influential at the national level as we have been in the past, then we need you to join us. Will you commit to be part of NCRCO's future? Please make plans now to join us at the Legislative Conference in Washington DC at the DC Hilton.

NCRCO's future depends on what we do with the opportunity given to us. I know we are all very busy and most of us never have enough time. I'm reminded of the words of my late Aunt Alice. Whenever I would tell her I didn't have time for something, she would say; “there is never enough time, you need to make time.” She was right. Let's make time to help grow the positive influence of NCRCO within county government in 2014.

Christian Leinbach

National Conference of
Republican County Officials

NCRCO President:
Christian Y. Leinbach
Chairman - Berks County Commissioners
633 Court Street
Reading, PA 19601-4310

Future Meetings

Annual Conference in New Orleans is July 11–14, 2014.

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