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NCRCO is completing another exciting and successful year.  At the July 2016, Annual Meeting in Long Beach, we had as our speaker Gale Gitcho, former Republican Governor’s Association Communications Director, one of the most talented communications professionals in politics today.  She gave us her perspective on how campaigning has changed (and how much campaigning has remained the same).  It was a well-received, fascinating presentation.

  Then at the February 2017, Legislative Conference in D.C., we were honored to have U.S Representative John R. Carter from Texas’ 31st Congressional District speak to us.  Congressman Carter serves as Chair of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Appropriations and also serves on the Commerce, Justice and Science Subcommittee, and the Defense Subcommittee. 

  Chairman Carter was a county official (District Judge) for 20 years prior to being elected to Congress in 2002.  At our Reception we were honored to present to him, on behalf of NACo, the 2017 NACo Former County Official’s Award.

   In addition to Chairman Carter, we also heard from one of our own,  Robert Artlett a Sussex County Delaware Councilman, about his inside involvement in the Trump Campaign and Transition.  Another fascinating talk.

NCRCO continues to be very active in the Leadership of NACo.  Judge Glen Whitley is a NACo Past President/NCRCO Past President; Current NACO President Desloge as well as 2nd VP Greg Cox are also members of NCRCO.

  NCRCO members on the NACo Executive Board in addition to Brian Desloge and Greg Cox include Commissioner Cindy Bobbitt and Commission Chair Christian Leinbach, both NCRCO Past Presidents, and Commission Chair Gordon Cruickshank, NCRCO Region Director. Other current NCRCO Officers/Directors now serving on the NACo Board include Commissioner Joe Briggs, Judge Jon Burrows, Judge J.D. Clark, Commissioner Lew Gaiter, Justice of the Peace Connie Hickman, Commissioner Chip LeMarca, Commissioner Michael McGinley, and Surveyor Kent Ward.

  In addition, several of the NACo policy steering committees, standing committees and caucuses are chaired by NCRCO members.  These include: Commissioner Joe Briggs chairman of the Telecommunications and Technology Steering Committee; County Judge J.D. Clark chairman of the Rural Action Caucus; Commissioner Lew Gaiter III chairman of the Information Technology Standing Committee; Commissioner Chip LaMarca chairman of the Finance, Pensions and Intergovernmental Affairs Steering Committee;  Judge Executive Gary Moore chairman of the Environment, Energy and Land Use Steering Committee and Commissioner Nancy Sharpe chairman of the Human Services and Education Steering Committee.

  This list is far from complete as it does not list the many NCRCO members who serve as vice chairs of NACO committees, active members of the various NACO steering committees, Caucuses and Task forces nor all of our NCRCO members serving on the NACO board of directors who are not also NCRCO officers and directors.  It suffices to say that NCRCO is an important element in the leadership and activities of NACO.

  We continue to be grateful to the McLane Group for again being a Platinum Sponsor for 2017.  Please read the sponsor page at the end of the Newsletter.

  Hope to see you in Columbus on July 22nd.  







National Conference of

Republican County


Jon Burrows
County Judge
Bell County, TX

Vice President:
Joe Briggs
County Commissioner
Cascade County, MT

Darry Stacy
Cleveland County, OK

Mike McGinley
Beaverhead County, MT

Immediate Past President:
Cindy Bobbitt
County Commissioner
Grant County, OK

Upcoming Meetings

NACo Annual  Conference

Columbus OH

July 22, 2017

 The NCRCO Business meeting will convene on Saturday July 22nd at 5:15pm in Room B242-243 of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The public may attend the Business meeting but the reception is member's and their guests only.

The NCRCO members reception featuring a prominent Republican speaker will begin at 6:00 pm on the 22nd in Room B244-245 of the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

  Members are admitted free to the reception and may purchase one guest ticket for $20.  Guest tickets may be purchased atthe door or online via the members only Merchandise link.

Sponsorship Opportunities

NCRCO dues is based on the calendar year so dues are now payable for 2017. Please utilze the online dues payment system or send your check along with the membership form to NCRCO Treasurer
c/o Mike McGinley
521 South Dakota St
Dillon, MT 59725

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