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NCRCO Legislative Conference Speaker Announced!

 We are pleased to announce that GAIL GITCHO, one of the most talented communications professionals in politics today, has agreed to be the speaker at the NCRCO Reception on July 24 at the NACo Annual Conference in Long Beach, CA.

  Gail previously served as Communications Director for the Republican Governor’s Association for the 2014 cycle, when 38 Governor’s races were up. She was Communications Director for Governor Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign.

  She has also served in the roles of Communications Director for U.S. Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts in 2010-2011, Press Secretary at the Republican National Committee in 2009-2010, Mid-Atlantic Communications Director for U.S. Senator John McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign, and as a Regional Press Secretary on Governor Mitt Romney’s 2008 Presidential campaign. She also served as Florida Congressman Clay Shaw’s Communications Director from 2004 to 2007.

  In this unique Presidential campaign, Gail will give us her inside perspective on how campaigning has changed and how much campaigning has remained the same. For those of us currently in a campaign or have one coming up, we will have one of the Pros offering ideas and insights on how to approach this new era of politics. Don’t miss this.



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Future Meetings

NACo Annual Conference

Long Beach California

July 21-26 2016.

 The NCRCO Business meeting will convene on Sunday July 24th at 5pm in Room 201B of the Long Beach Convention Center.  The public may attend the Business meeting but the reception is member's and their guests only.

The NCRCO members reception featuring Ms. Gail Gitcho will begin at 6PM on the 24th in Room 103B of the Long Beach Convention Center.  Members are admitted free to the reception and may purchase one guest ticket for $20.  Guest tickets may be purchased atthe door or online via the members only Merchandise link.


  Watch for NCRCO Past-President Ray Valdes Speaking at Republican National Convention Historically, the current NCRCO President is given an opportunity to speak at the RNC Presidential Convention, during a non-prime time slot.

  With the NACo Annual Conference following so close to the RNC Convention, none of the current officers are available for the Presidential Convention. But, we have submitted the name of someone who would be an outstanding representative of NCRCO – Ray Valdes, Seminole County Florida Tax Collector.

  Ray’s impressive Republican credentials include:  Past-President of NCRCO, Past-President of the National Association of County Treasurers, Finance Officers and Tax Collectors,  Past-President of the National Association of County Hispanic Officials, Past-President of all Florida Tax Collectors, Past National County Treasurer/Tax Collector of the Year,  Seminole County, Florida Tax Collector since 1988 and Innumerable Republican Party Positions at the County and State Level.

 We have not received confirmation as yet, but are hopeful to see Ray speaking during non-prime time on C-SPAN. We will keep you informed.


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