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  2016 is off to an exciting start.  First, our NCRCO President, Don Rosier, County Commissioner from Jefferson County, Colorado, resigned in December to run for United States Senator from Colorado.  We wish Don well in his race.  As a result of his resignation, pursuant to our Bylaws I moved into the position of President.  I am honored to serve.

  Second, our past Secretary, Beryl Amedee, Terrebonne Parrish Councilwoman from Louisiana, was successful in her race for the Louisiana State House.  Her term on the Parish Council ended January 7, and she took office in the state House on January 11.   Beryl prevailed over the 8-year incumbent in a runoff.  Congratulations to Beryl.

  The NACo Legislative Conference will be here soon.  It is February 20-24 at the Wardman Park Marriott in DC.  Our NCRCO Business Meeting and Reception are set for Monday, February 22 at 5:00 & 6:00 p.m.  Your Executive Committee is working on getting a great speaker for the reception. 

  NCRCO’s objective is to further the standards and ideas of the Republican Party through regular contact and association with Republican County Officials throughout the United States.  2016 will bring great opportunities for growth, not only in our membership but also in our influence at the local, State and National level.  I look forward to working with you in the coming National Election Year. 

Thanks for your help and participation.


County Judge

Bell County, Texas 


National Conference of
Republican County Officials

Jon Burrows
County Judge
Bell County, TX

Ken Klein
County Councilman
Snohomsh County, WA

Joe Briggs
County Commissioner
Cascade County, MT

Immediate Past President:
Cindy Bobbitt
County Commissioner
Grant County, OK

Future Meetings

NACo Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. February 20-24, 2016.

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