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An annual award may be presented at each Annual NCRCO Meeting to an individual(s) deemed “Republican County Official of the Year”.

The President shall appoint a panel of five (5) independent judges each year, naming the Chair, and including at least two (2) past recipients of the award that are still active NCRCO members, to review the applications and select the winner(s). No current Officer or Regional Director shall serve on the panel of judges.

Qualifications to receive the award at an Annual NCRCO Meeting must include:

  • A current and prior year paid dues member in good standing of NCRCO.
  • Attended at least one prior NCRCO meeting or reception.
  • Submission of a “Republican County Official of the Year” award application at least 90 days prior to the Annual Award Meeting, directed to the Chair of the Annual Achievement Award Committee. This includes a maximum 1,000 word explanation of why the individual should be considered, followed by a resume or political biography of not more than 5 pages.
  • Not more than four (4) letters of support endorsement, in which must be included:
    • One NCRCO Officer or Regional Director
    • One elected Republican County or State Official from the applicant’s home state.
  • No self submittal will be considered.  The award application must be submitted on behalf of the applicant by a qualified Republican, and should include the recognized achievements of the NCRCO member applicant.  The applicant may provide any information or documentation requested by the submitter to be included with the application to meet the other qualification requirements.

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